4110 Copper Ridge DR. Unit 204D
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: 231-750-4243
Email: john@perspectiveshomedesigns.com


We have worked with many code offices and municipalities here in Michigan.  It is important to work closely with everyone to insure a smooth construction process. Along with the code office, we will also work with architectural committees, zoning boards or historical departments. This is sometimes necessary to build a home that is compliant with local regulations.

We design with Michigan Residential code 2015 for One & Two family dwellings. This is our States adopted code. The code is enforced and interpreted differently depending on the jurisdiction in which you are building. Working with many of these code offices gives us a unique insight as to what information each one wants on the plan. On occasion plans are sent back to the designer for additional information. In the event this happens we will make the revisions in the most timely manner possible. In most cases we make those revisions same day. In all cases we will take the responsibility to ensure our plans are permitted. If desired we will work directly with the code office.

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