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About your designer

My career has been in home construction, either as a builder, lumber salesman, job site coordinator, engineered system specialist or as a draftsman.

I started in 1980 as a carpenter & foreman, giving me insight as to what a builder has to do in order to complete a home, plus the knowledge of what will slow down the process.

I studied Sales and Marketing in college, which led to a career with a prominent lumber yard selling building materials to builders through the mid 90’s. During this time, I found myself needing to constantly change the contractors plans, fixing general mistakes or implementing the products they wanted to use on the job.

I have been trained in many specialty products, including engineered systems. I attained the title Engineered System Specialist dealing in foundations, wall, floor and roof systems. Understanding these systems and how they differ from one manufacturer to another, plus my carpentry background, gives me the unique ability to apply these products to common building practices maximizing job site efficiency and reducing labor while ensuring a structurally sound home.

Mentoring under a seasoned draftsman, I learned how a plan controls a job. For example, speed, profitability or what needs to be exact and what can be revised in the field without too much effort. I started drafting homes full time or as a second job in 1996 at a table with a pencil and ruler.  Today, I am fully digital and will show you your home in 3D. Being fully digital allows me to either meet with you or  email these documents. In most cases, you will have a very good understanding of what we are designing together. This also allows me to illustrate and communicate your desires to not only your builder but the code officials as well.

My extensive experience in the building industry and using the many tools and products in my tool belt helps keep these projects in budget or to the best we can do.

After many request from my long-time builder customers, I decided to start my own company and design full time. My ability to adhere to deadlines, understanding current codes, and relationships with code officials created a demand for my plans that required my full time attention.

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